Entry #17

What's this? Another redesign?!

2012-02-10 01:30:25 by n00b-l0s3r

Remember when we had a redesign in 2007 and everybody went on about how awesome it was?

Time flies. Because here we are in 2012, with another redesign!

And hot damn if this doesn't trip our fancies again, because this design is even awesomer than the last!

I've been exploring the new site for the past day, and I must agree with many that it'll take some time for us to get used to the new format for submitting movies and games, the wall backgrounds, and the wildly different interface for pretty much everything really. But the project management system is some seriously epic swag! I'm afraid I won't be using it much with this account, though, unless I return my good ol' FBF Randomness series in time for Flash not to die out yet or something.

You're going to find me more as BoltClock, here and around the rest of Teh Interwebz. I do have a number of things planned out that, if things go even a little smoothly, should all fall into place starting later this year.

And of course, remember this... StrawberryClock is still the King of the Portal. Nothing can change that. Not even Carro-- not even Tom. (Or Wade.)


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2012-02-10 12:44:11

The levels are shit. Some are mildly amusing but they are too small to enjoy. I just got my golden chainsaw and didn't fully enjoy it. I mostly miss the pre 2004 lvl 22 battleaxe, the best in that class. pre 2007 has escaped my memory of what the hell the icons were. Also I am getting sick of tired of this no smoking chick.