My Flashes. They're all gone.

2009-03-30 04:42:56 by n00b-l0s3r

So on Sunday, February 22, I did something which turned out to be a major fail on my computer. And now everything's gone. In summary, here's what happened:

December - Partitioned Windows disk (I have one for Windows and one for Linux).
January - Installed Windows 7 beta to fuck around with it. Realized it wouldn't install. Trashed that partition. Damn Windows 7 bootloader remained. Windows XP still working.
Early February - Tried fixmbr, didn't work. Windows XP still working.
February 22 - Tried fixboot c:, instinct screamed 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' but I did it anyway. b00m. Everything on Windows disk trashed to bits. No moar Windows XP. No moar Flash.

Yes, I know I'm stupid for having installed a beta OS on my PC in the first place. But I don't need your shitty comments. If you do have something helpful to say, do tell. I'll probably need to know.

As you can see, I've been a total lazy ass the past few years (since Bolty's Clockmas!), but recently I've been wanting to get back in the Flash animating and game development thing. I miss you guys (who the hell knows me anyway?), and I miss Flash.

I'll certainly have to start from scratch. However, my old animations that are currently in the Portal, in both of my accounts, will be here to stay. After all, I like what I made! :D

And this time - I will not forget Clock Day :)


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